Caravan Trimmer Sydney

How do you get small repairs and alterations done to your caravan or camper trailer?

People often contact us asking how to get small repairs done to their caravan or camper trailer If you are new to caravans knowing where to find help can be confusing.

There are a number of key search terms that can help you narrow down who can assist you.

If you are looking for alterations to your canvas or installation of items to the hard surface of your van such as sail track or press studs the best search terms are “Canvas or Caravan Trimmer” and your local area or “near me”

If no one suitable comes up some related businesses that can also assist are automotive trimmers or boat trimmers or caravan repairers.

Trimmers can work with hard surfaces and canvas. Examples of some of the things that a Trimmer can usually assist with include:

  • Installing press studs
  • Fixing screen or mesh on a camper trailer
  • Adding sail track
  • Fixing broken zippers
  • Repairing or making canvas products (e.g. boat covers, car covers)
  • Fixing or making vehicle upholstery
  • Custom covers and annexes

If you are a canvas trimmer and would like to get in touch please do so we would love to hear from you.

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