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Sand Free Beach Mat

Sick of sand getting in your tent or caravan? A sand free mat for camping is the solution. Place the mat at the entrance to your tent and create a space for kids (and their shoes). The entrance to the tent is a high-footfall area that brings dirt and sand into the tent space. The sand free mat helps reduce incoming sand, plus it creates a nice area to sit outside the tent and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our breathable foam mats are an affordable caravan matting solution. The foam has small holes that allow sand, dirt and water to fall through, so you won’t get a sandpit or a puddle gathering in your mat.

You can cut the mat to size to suit your tent. If your campsite is rocky or uneven you can put the mat underneath the tent for added comfort.

The soft durable foam is comfortable underfoot so you can walk barefoot on the non-slip surface. Our range of foam sand free mats come in a variety of thicknesses, colours and sizes.

Thanks to the breathable foam, the grass underneath is not damaged, making this kind of sand free mat the preferred choice for caravan parks and campsites.

It’s the ideal sand free mat for visits to the beach too!

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