The Incredible Benefits of Pop Top Caravan Covers

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The Incredible Benefits of Pop Top Caravan Covers.

Here's why you need to invest in one of our pop-top caravan covers to protect it.

The average age of caravans in Australia is at 17.8 years, with a steady growth usage of 4.9% from 2015. It goes to show more people prefer having a caravan, especially those who enjoy spending time outdoors in nature.

A caravan is quite an expensive purchase, so it needs considerable care to protect it from the harsh elements and maintain its good condition.

This is where pop-top caravan covers come in handy. The main role of these covers is protection, however, there are many more benefits when you invest in one of these covers for your Pop Top Caravan.

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Caravans and camper trailers require a lot of saving, which is why it's considered a valuable investment. Some might say the design of these types of vehicles is enough to protect them from the harsh outdoor elements, and while this is true, it is also good to know that you as an owner can provide further protection.

Pop Top Caravan covers will protect your caravan from harmful UV rays that can cause serious damage to its paintwork and its tires.

A Pop Top Cover will also help in caring for the furnishings and other internal materials from the sun's rays, including fading and warping.

Even though a caravan has the strongest materials, heat build-up can cause warping from sustained sun exposure, this will cause even the strongest of materials to age and warp before its expected lifespan.

Purchasing a Pop Top Caravan cover will also help to eliminate the build-up of damp, mould, and mildew. Australia’s weather can be hard to predict at times, these Pop Top Covers can be left on all year long, rain or shine to give you top protection and peace of mind.

A waterproof cover that's also "breathable" will help prolong the lifespan of your pop-top, allowing vapour to rise up and at the same time prevent water from seeping right through it.


Cleaning your caravan is essential and is a requirement for all owners. Cleaning can take valuable time, better spent enjoying your pop-top caravan when you could be relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Caravans all have different bodywork and paint, so they require a less abrasive product to minimize any scratches on your vehicle. Pop Top Covers provide significantly reduced cleaning times, you will also enjoy the benefit of a clean Pop Top Caravan for longer.

When not using the caravan, cover the whole thing up. You'll notice that you won't have to clean it so often when compared to not using a cover at all. It will be beneficial no matter where you store your caravan.

If the Pop Top Caravan is kept indoors, a cover will prevent the accumulation of dust. Outdoors, a cover serves as protection from bird dropping or leaves, giving you plenty of time to relax and less time cleaning it.

Preserve its Value

Your brand-new Pop Top Caravan will last the distance with proper care and maintenance. When the time comes to upgrade and purchase a new van you can rest assured utilising a Pop Top Caravan cover will ensure the Caravan will hold its value and provide many more years of usability.

When a caravan looks aged the value rapidly depreciates earlier, for this reason, it makes selling a worn-out caravan a lot harder. Pop Top caravan covers cost less than buying a whole new caravan, so wrap yours in one for it not to lose its high value.

Rubber Seals Won't Rot

It's every caravan owner's nightmare - discovering rubber seals on window sills rotting. It happens when correct maintenance is not carried out during periods of disuse.

Mould and mildew are unsightly, affecting not just look but the comfort levels of your caravan too. And while regular cleaning is a need, it's important to understand to keep the caravan dry at all times.

Aside from benefitting from pop-top caravan covers, you should check for signs of damaged seals and leaks on a regular basis. Issues oftentimes start small, but it's enough to allow fungus, bacteria, and moisture to breed and build up.

For added care, you can use dehumidifying crystals in areas that are often wet. There are also other moisture control products available on the market to prevent moisture, especially inside the camper.

Make Your Caravan Rust-Proof

The rate of rusting increases as the temperature fluctuates. While we can’t control the weather, we can control how it affects our vans and while the extreme heat can cause damage to your camper, leaving the caravan wet will allow rust to form.

Pop-top caravan covers are the easiest solution you can find. You can find variants thick and durable enough to seal the caravan completely in order to stop the formation of moisture. It's also more affordable and practical and they're available in all sorts of colours to fit your sense of style.

Purchasing a Pop Top caravan can be very exciting. Ensuring you have a premium Pop Top Cover will go a long way to give you peace of mind your van is kept in the best condition and ready for when you want to hit the road and experience this great country of ours.

For other caravan and camping needs, please check out what else you can do to maintain the value and life of your caravan.

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