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Caravan Awning Rope Clips
Caravan Awning Rope Clips Tie Down Kit
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Black Anti Flap Kit for Fiamma F45S Awnings
Awning Track Hanger 'S' Hooks (6 Pack)
Anti Flap Kit & Rafter Storage Bag (6 Pocket)
Campsmart XL Caravan De-Flapper Kit (2 Pack)
Hold Down Plate Kit for Fiamma F45S Leg
Black Pole Carrier (220cm x 15cm)
Sold Out
2x Black Awning Rafters (Extra Curve)
Brace Knob & Clamp Nut for Carefee Awning (Pair)
Caravan Awning Pole Bracket
Tightening Knob & T-Nut for Awning Rafter or AFK
White Plastic Sail Track - 1990mm Length
Bed End Flys with Waterproof Sides & Windows
2x Curved Awning Rafters (100mm Extra Curve)
Black Pole Carrier (200cm x 15cm)
Sold Out
Campsmart XL Pop Top De-Flapper Kit (2 Pack)
Tie Down Kit for Fiamma F45 S Awning (Yellow)
Campsmart Caravan De Flappers (2 Pack)


A caravan awning creates an outdoor room for your caravan. Imagine sitting outdoors in a camp chair in the cool summer shade, enjoying a cold drink and relaxing in the breeze under your rollout caravan awning.

A caravan awning maximizes the living space in your caravan, creating a perfect indoor/outdoor hybrid. You get the fresh cool air of the outdoors but the important protection from the weather elements.

Or take your awnings a bit further and create a private space that can be used as an additional room with our wide range of caravan annex walls.

Finding the right awning for your caravan

Awnings come in different styles for different functionality.
Fiamma awnings are quick and easy to set up and suit a range of applications, while bagged awnings are robust and great for camper trailers and roll out awnings come in a range of sizes and work well on caravans. So consider your needs to find the right awning for you.

Windy days are no problem

Our caravan awnings are built for Australian conditions so they can withstand high winds. The flapping noise can seem quite loud in the dead of night. So an anti flap kit or deflapper will greatly reduce the noise and help you get a good night’s sleep.

An anti flap kit will allow you to hang privacy screens to create more shade and weather protection.  

Deflappers and anti flap kits also help reduce the risk of damage and tears from wind.

Caravan awnings online from leading brands

We stock the leading brands including Fiamma, Jayco, Coast, Aussie Traveller as well as our own Campsmart range of caravan accessories.

Fiamma awnings (also called box awnings) are one of our bestselling awnings.

The size of our caravan awning screens start at 2.2 metres and our largest awnings are 5.8 metres. Plus, our range of awnings for caravans includes poles, casing, handles, brackets, pole carriers and much more. You’re sure to find everything you need.

If you’d like advice, simply give us a call on 1300 553 189 and we’d be glad to suggest the right awning for your caravan type and budget.

Our range of awnings includes:

  • caravan awnings
  • RV awnings
  • campervan awnings
  • motorhome awnings

Roll out caravan awnings

A simple roll out caravan awning is so convenient. It takes just moments to retrieve the rollout awning and create a sheltered outdoor space.

We have carefully curated our selection of rollout caravan awnings to ensure we stock only the best quality, sturdy and affordable awnings.