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12V LED lights for caravans and RV’s

Our range of Narva LED caravan lights are our most popular caravan lighting option, with many leading caravan manufacturers choosing Narva as standard on new vehicles. Our range includes a 5-year warranty giving you extra peace of mind and confidence. These durable awning lights are smooth yet powerful. Campsmart sell two sizes, which are ideal for all types of camping (including free camping) due to their wide voltage range and smooth LED caravan lights.

Caravan lighting for inside and out

Our caravan lighting is not just for inside your van. We have all the lights you need, including camper trailer awning lights to increase visibility outside your van. These energy-efficient caravan lights can be used inside and out, giving you a lovely outdoor space when you’re cooking or entertaining. These LED caravan lights also include an amber lens that is less likely to attract bugs, making it a very popular evening option.

12V caravan lights with speakers

Light up your party with our RV Media weatherproof speakers. Custom designed in Australia, these RV Media caravan lights and speakers will add to your camping atmosphere whether you’re at a campground or off the grid. Connect your device via Bluetooth to enjoy your favourite sounds while your lovely and bright LED caravan lights brighten up your space. These caravan speakers are easy to install and no don’t require any Wi-Fi connection. Better yet, they have an orange "insect" light mode which is excellent for nighttime.

Replacement 12v led lights for caravans

Our 12V LED lights for caravans are available to replace your old T10 Halogen globes. Changing to an energy-efficient LED light will reduce your power costs and also be a longer-lasting option. Our LED lights are easy to install and will use approximately 15 times less energy than standard globes! Update your caravan lights today and see the difference with 12V LED lights for caravans.

Keep your van cool with our caravan light and fan combo

Our portable Jayco Camper Trailer Light & Fan Combo will not only light up your room but also cool you down with its 2-speed fan. This unit comes with a standard globe, but you can upgrade to 12V LED lighting easily. Contact our team to find out which LED lights you need on 1300 553 189.

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