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Powertech 240V to 12V 7.5A Adapter
Fridge Shade Wall Sunscreen with Sail Track
Coast Fridge Vent Screen with Sail Track
Fridge Shade Wall Sunscreen - No Sail track
Dometic CFX3 45 Portable Fridge / Freezer
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Powertech 240V to 12V 12.5A Adapter

Keep your food fresh longer when on the road with our great range of camping fridges.

A cool beer on a hot day makes for a happy camper. The right camping fridge freezer you have can make or break your holidays. With a high-quality camping fridge, you can spend more time relaxing at the campsite and less time on the road for supplies.

Which Camping Fridge Freezer?

We sell a range of dual-zone camping fridge freezers. The great thing about the dual-zone camping fridge freezers is that they can be run as both a fridge and freezer at the same time using separate compartments, with separate thermostats. This is very popular for camping families as you can use them as you need. Why give up space to a caravan freezer when you don’t need it? Switching between fridge and freezer is a fantastic feature. There is also the flexibility to use them as either a whole fridge or a whole freezer. Giving you a dual-zone fridge box for camper trailer option.

We have a range of sizes of portable caravan fridges. Most of which offer a dual compartment fridge/freezer. This allows you to adjust the temperatures as required, with an efficient compressor system for reliable temperature control with minimal power consumption.

Can I run the fridges on 12V power?

Our range of camping fridges provide the flexibility to use in cars, caravans and boats. You can use 12V or 24V power when away, and 240V power when using site / shore power. This reduces stress on your batteries when mains power is available.

Our camping fridge brands

At Campsmart, we stock the very best in camping fridges and freezers. Our brand of choice is Brass Monkey, who make the most innovative dual-zone caravan fridges. With four sizes to choose from, there will be a Brass Monkey camp fridge to suit all vehicles. Three of our portable caravan fridges have built-in wheels, making them easy to manoeuvre around and flexible to take with you everywhere, even if it’s just a game of footy with your mates.

How to choose the right camping fridge

Our team are here to help you decide which camping fridge is going to fit best in your vehicle and suit your lifestyle. Choosing a dual-zone fridge box for camper trailer is definitely going to maximise space and will give you more flexibility than a standard caravan refrigerator for your trip.

Contact us today to find out more 1300 553 189 or take a look at all of our Caravan Appliances.