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Camec is an Australian-based provider of high quality caravan appliances, parts and accessories. For more than 45 years, Camec has been encouraging Aussies to enjoy the great outdoors, and is now one of Australia’s leading RV accessory wholesalers.

Camec camper trailer covers are a premium, top quality way to keep your camper trailer protected when not in use. Now with a three year warranty, you can trust that your Camec cover is durable and reliable.

Each Camec cover is manufactured using a water-resistant roof for maximum protection. The weather-resistant breathable side panels allow the cover to breathe. Any moisture buildup can evaporate, reducing the chance of mildew. Ventilation flaps and a reinforced skirt with elasticised hem protect damage from sharp objects.

You’ve invested in your camper trailer, so keep it protected. Sun damage is particularly fierce in Australia, so each Camec cover is 50+ UV resistant. Wind, rain, dust and bird droppings can also cause plenty of damage that reduce the appearance and value of your camper trailer. Each Camec camper trailer cover has reinforced tabs with eyelets at the front and rear to secure it fastly and protect it against all weather conditions.

Snug fit is important as billowing covers can allow dust or rain to damage your asset. Our Camec camper trailer covers come in various sizes to fit with your camper trailer measurements.

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