Aussie Traveller

Are you looking for a caravan annex at an excellent price?

Aussie Traveller are unique in the Australian Market. They are an 100% Australian Owned manufacturer that consistently produces high quality craftman ship. Campsmart is proud to be a distributer of the Aussie Traveller Annex range. We can organise the supply and delivery of an Aussie Traveller annex to just about anywhere in Australia.

Aussie Traveller Annexes are made to measure to fit each caravan individually. Made from high quality canvas and including an Anti Flap Kit (AFK) with each annex supplied they are both excellent quality and value. Contact our team for more information about the range on 1300 553 189. 

Long Size - 230-240 cm - Anti Flap Kit
14% OFF RRP $347.60
 Medium Size - 220-230 cm - Anti Flap Kit
13% OFF RRP $345.00
Aussie Traveller Full Van Sunblocker
9% OFF RRP $137.50
Short Size - 210-220 cm - Anti Flap Kit
13% OFF RRP $345.00
Aussie Traveller Curved Roof Rafter CRR-1 Maxi
18% OFF RRP $91.85
Awning Support Cradle (White)

Awning Support Cradle (White)


25% OFF RRP $79.95
Long Anti Flap Kit & Bag Package
16% OFF RRP $427.55