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10m 25mm Sullage Hose & Bag Pack
Sullage Hose 10m 25mm
Sullage Hose 10m 38mm
10m 28mm Sullage Hose & Bag Pack
6m 25mm Flat Out Sullage Hose on Grey Compact Reel
9m 25mm Flat Out Sullage Waste Grey Water Hose & Reel
9m 32mm Flat Out Sullage Waste Grey Water Hose & Reel
Sold Out
Sullage Hose 10m 28mm

All your grey water sullage hose solutions and hose storage

Flexible caravan sullage hose options to meet your waste water needs. We have an extensive range of caravan drain hoses, all with a strong, resilient exterior and smooth bore interior. This combination allows for flexibility and durability while being easy to clean and maintain.

What size sullage hose will I need for my caravan?

The diameter of the sullage hose you need will be determined by your caravan grey water hose connection or sullage hose fitting. Larger campervans and caravans that have showers or washing machines will require a wider diameter so that they can drain the grey water more effectively.

Easy to use, quick to install and clever storage options

Our range of caravan waste hoses includes a variety of sullage hose storage options. We have compact Supex travel bags and convenient, Australian-made Flat Out International reels that can be fitted to the side of your caravan for easy use and storage.

View the full caravan plumbing range here or contact us on 1300 553 189 to find out more.