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At Campsmart, we focus on helping our valued customers throughout Australia enjoy their outdoor adventures fully.

Whether you have invested in a caravan or a camper trailer, you understandably want to maximise its longevity and keep it looking great in the process. Unfortunately, it will be regularly exposed to harsh elements, pests and more unless you take steps to protect it. These forces can cause significant damage and can ultimately prevent you from fully enjoying all that your home away from home offers. Campsmart provides you with the perfect solution with our caravan covers, pop-top covers and camper trailer covers range.

Only the best covers 

Our caravan covers and pop top covers are made from durable, high-quality materials. They fit snugly and are easy to pull into place. Simply slide the cover over the caravan or camper trailer when you are not out enjoying grand adventures in the wilderness. Dirt, UV rays, moisture and other elements will not damage your caravan or camper trailer. More than that, our caravan covers Australia reduce your cleaning chores so that you can get out on the road sooner. Campsmart is an Australian-owned company, and we sell covers from reputable providers like Adco and Camec.  See our Adco caravan covers and Camec caravan covers ranges. 

Order your RV cover online 

With our extensive range of options, you can easily find a suitable caravan or pop-top cover online and have it shipped to your doorstep. We make it convenient for you to quickly locate the right cover for your needs through our easy to-navigate website and our huge selection of options. Secure shopping enables you to make a purchase with confidence.

We provide same-day dispatch with fast shipping. You never have to wait long for your camper cover to arrive when you place an order with Campsmart. We want to help you get the most out of your caravan or camper trailer, and we encourage you to explore our exceptional inventory of the best caravan covers today.

Each day that your camper trailer or caravan is not protected by a durable cover is a day when it is potentially being harmed by exposure to the elements. Now is the time to order a protective cover for your next adventure. 

At Campsmart we offer the best caravan parts & accessories online, with fast shipping around Australia.