Ampfibian Mini 15A to 10A RCD Adapter
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15A to 10A Adapter & Portable RCD for Caravans and Motorhomes
19% OFF RRP $79.95
Ampfibian RV PLUS 15A to 10A Adapter
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POD 15 Amp to 10 Amp Adapter

POD 15 Amp to 10 Amp Adapter


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Ampfibian Mini & 20m 15A Lead Combo
17% OFF RRP $155.00

15-10 Amp Converter

Connect your caravan to your home using a 10amp to 15amp adapter

Household power sockets are 10 amp while caravan power sockets are 15 amp. To ensure a safe power connection, it’s essential to use a 10A to 15A adaptor if you’re plugging your van into a house or other domestic power socket.

Connecting a 15 amp circuit to a 10 amp socket without an adaptor is illegal and risks overloading your circuit. It can start a fire and may also void insurance policies. We recommend always having your 15 amp to 10 amp adaptor handy so that you’re prepared to connect anywhere.

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