Clipsal White External 15amp Power Inlet
26% OFF RRP $49.95
Clipsal Black External 15amp Power Inlet
16% OFF RRP $68.95
Clipsal External 10amp Power Outlet - 415VF
32% OFF RRP $84.95
CMS 15 Amp Plug Power Inlet IP44
19% OFF RRP $25.95
Black CMS 15 Amp Plug Power Inlet IP44
11% OFF RRP $27.95
Clipsal External 10amp Power Outlet - Black
14% OFF RRP $69.95

Caravan Power Inlet & Outlet

Clipsal Inlets and Outlets for Carvans, RVs and Motor homes 10amp to 15 amp

What’s the difference between a caravan power inlet and outlet?

Caravan power inlets are 15 amp, allowing you to plug in your 15 amp extension lead and connect your van to the mains power at a campsite or campground. It will provide safe access to 240V power inside your van.

Caravan power outlets allow you to use your caravan power to run your electrical appliances. They are fitted to the side of your caravan so that you can plug in 10 amp electrical items. This plug allows you to use the power from your van to power your BBQ, lights, stereo system and more.

Clipsal caravan power inlet and outlet

Our range of Clipsal caravan power inlets and outlets are all waterproof with a spring-loaded front cover, giving you added safety and a smooth finish for your van.

If your van has CMS wiring, you’ll need one of our CMS power inlets.

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