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Hot Water on the Go with Campsmart’s Caravan Hot Water Systems

Embrace the luxury of consistent, reliable hot water on your caravan adventures with Campsmart's selection of hot water systems. Designed for the modern traveller, our range includes both gas and electric water heaters, ensuring you have hot water for showers, dishes, and more, no matter where you park.

Choose Your Power: Gas and Electric Water Heaters

Gas Water Heaters:
Ideal for travellers who prefer the freedom of off-grid camping, our gas water heaters are efficient and powerful, providing quick heating times and excellent reliability. These units are perfect for areas without electrical service, utilizing LPG to heat water efficiently and economically.

Electric Water Heaters:
For those who frequent powered sites or travel with generator power, our electric water heaters offer convenience and simplicity. They're particularly suited for maintaining a steady supply of hot water with minimal maintenance, operating quietly and efficiently.

Dual Power Options for Versatility

Understanding the varied needs of caravaners, Campsmart also offers dual gas-electric water heater systems. These systems provide the flexibility to switch between electricity and gas, depending on availability and your specific energy requirements. This versatility ensures you can enjoy hot water regardless of your camping setup, making it ideal for those who travel to diverse locations with varying amenities.

Durable, Compact, and Easy to Install

Our hot water systems are designed with the caravan lifestyle in mind. Each model is built to withstand the challenges of the road, featuring robust construction that resists wear and corrosion. The compact designs make the most of limited space, ensuring easy installation and integration into your caravan’s existing layout.

Shop with Confidence at Campsmart

At Campsmart, we are dedicated to enhancing your caravan experience. Browse our comprehensive range of caravan hot water systems and discover the perfect solution for your travelling needs. With detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and expert advice available, you can shop with confidence. Enjoy fast, Australia-wide delivery and flexible payment options, including Buy Now, Pay Later, to get your caravan equipped for comfortable journeys ahead.

Replacement parts for your caravan hot water system

If you have already purchased a hot water system for your caravan, then you may need replacement parts and accessories. We have service doors, control centres, vents and more to ensure you’re ready for your next trip.

Find out more about caravan plumbing. View our range online or contact us on 1300 553 189 to find out more.