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300mm Anode for Suburban Water Heaters
Genuine Suburban Anode Rod
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Suburban HWS Service Door - White
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Finding good hot water systems for caravans is our specialty

Hot showers in the privacy of your caravan are a luxury that all campers should have. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to install your own caravan hot water system and how convenient it can be when you’re on the road. Our premium gas hot water system is our Suburban Nautilus On Demand Water Heater with instant warmth and no heavy storage tank.

Caravan hot water systems gas electric

At Campsmart, we stock both gas and electric hot water systems for caravan and RV. Our friendly staff will be able to help you decide which one is best for your caravan with a Portable Gas Hot Water System available as well. This is perfect to use for showering or general cleaning when you don’t have caravan hot water available.

Replacement parts for your caravan hot water system

If you have already purchased a hot water system for your caravan, then you may need replacement parts and accessories. We have service doors, control centres, vents and more to ensure you’re ready for your next trip.

Find out more about caravan plumbing. View our range online or contact us on 1300 553 189 to find out more.