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Cgear multimat is a hard-wearing, durable and top quality versatile mat for camping and caravanning. It’s well known as one of the toughest matting on the market—and most popular. The distinctive green and grey duotone matting is treated to prevent fading or UV damage. Cgear pride themselves in innovative synthetic meshing systems for many uses. 

The Cgear mat is really strong—with dual patented multi weave layers that allow sand and dirt on the surface to trickle through, but preventing resurfacing. The UV resistant surfacing makes each Cgear mat ideal for the harsh Australian sun.

Originally created as a surface for helicopters to land without causing dust, the Cgear multimat makes suitable caravan matting thanks to its tough, waterproof, long-lasting, rip-proof qualities.

Place it at the entrance to your caravan, tent or camper trailer and you have the perfect extra space for picnics and enjoying the outdoors. The Cgear multimat is lightweight and easy to set up, just lay it out, peg it in and relax.

It comes with its own carry bag for safe storage when not in use. We stock a wide range of Cgear mats, from 1.8 metres x 2.4 metres, through to the large 7.5 metres x 2.4 metres, so you’re sure to find the right size for your next camping trip.