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Extend your power capabilities with our 15 amp extension leads and power cords

RV’s, caravans and camper trailers will need 15 amp extension leads when connecting to caravan parks and showgrounds. Unlike household power sockets and extension cords that are only 10amp, these 15amp extension cords will safely power your caravan when you’re away from home.

Our 15amp extension cords are all 240V and meet all Australian safety standards. Take a look at our Caravan Essentials Starter Pack for a bundle deal if you’re just getting started on your camping journey.

How many 15 amp extension cords do I need?

Most of our customers like to purchase at least two 15 amp extension cords so that they have a long 20-metre and short 10-metre option while out on the road. Having at least two 15amp extension cords also allows you to have a spare if one is damaged while you’re away. We also recommend taking a 10amp to 15amp converter with you, just in case you need to use a household/10amp power supply on your journey.

Should I choose a 10m or 20m extension cord for my caravan?

It’s quite common to have one of each length so that you’re prepared for any situation, as not all RV caravan parks are the same. If you’re only purchasing one, we recommend the 20m extension lead to ensure you’re never without power. Don’t forget to bring your electrical lead storage bag to keep all your extension cords secured safely.

How do I connect a caravan to my house?

Household powerpoints are only 10amp. If you need to connect your caravan to a household powerpoint or other 10 amp socket, you’ll need to use one of our 10amp to 15amp converters (with a 15 amp power cord) to ensure a safe connection. At Campsmart, we also sell Mini 15A to 10A Adapter & 15A 20m Lead Combo packs which include both items.

If you have any questions about the safety of your caravan power connection, give our friendly team a call on 1300 553 189, and we can guide you through the available options. Using the incorrect power cables are not only a safety concern but can also leave you without power at most caravan parks, with staff inspecting cords regularly as part of their duty of care.

Take a look at our full range of Caravan Electrical Supplies online, or visit us in-store.