Why do I need Reich Caravan Weight Scales?

Author: Nadia  

Why drive all the way to the weigh station when you can weigh your caravan from the comfort of your own driveway!

When you want to set out on the next trip safely the last thing anyone wants to worry about is a caravan that is unbalanced or overweight once they hit the highway and travelling with an unbalanced van can lead to disastrous consequences, not to mention the legal implications that can follow.

Weight bridge versus Reich caravan scales

As families grow and change, so too do all the toys, bikes, cooking gear, and general camping equipment from one camping trip to another. Unfortunately taking a caravan to a weighbridge without fully knowing the weight of your van may even be too late to fix an unbalanced van.  Luckily you can now weight your van from the comfort and safety of your own home hassle-free.

Toy Haulers and Expanda Base Stations Owners Rejoice!

No more guessing how much weight is added to your caravan each time you load bikes and 4 X 4’s. Owners of Expanda Base Stations and Toy Haulers alike can now have accurate caravan weight measurements when taking a fully loaded caravan with or without motorbikes before they set off each time. Generally, a motocross bike can weigh anything between 90 Kg – 300 kg and this can make a huge difference to your van's overall weight distribution not to mention how the caravan is balanced whilst in motion. Having the correct weight ensures safe towing for your family and camping gear.

How do I use caravan weight scales?

To combat uneven weight distribution within the caravan Reich Scales, have a range of programs that can be used easily for Dual axle, Single axle caravans as well as each side weight. Don’t worry, these programs are very easy to use for even brand-new campers as well as seasoned travellers alike!

Just select the required measurement on the scale display, either one axle, dual axle or one side then slowly drive over the scale at about 3 KMS. The display will then give you an accurate reading for your van or motorhome.

How accurate are Caravan Weight Scales?

With Australia’s large vans in mind, the Reich Caravan Scales have incorporated this into their German-designed scales. Reich has certainly made a quality product that can rival any of the cheaper scales on the markets, in particular, the Reich Caravan Weight Scales have been manufactured to within ±3% accuracy and meet stringent Australian regulations. Most weighbridges can have up to a 50 kg weight tolerance allowing some caravans to be under or overweight.

Where can I get more information on the Reich Caravan Weight Scale?

Find out more about our Towing Ball Weight Scales for more product information and be sure to look through our entire selection of Caravan Parts and Accessories. Should you have any further questions the team at Campsmart are on hand to discuss these with you on 1300 553 189.

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