What are Suburban Hot Water Anodes used for?

Author: Nadia  

Suburban Hot Water Service Anode Rod

Sometimes know as a sacrifical rod. This magnesium anode rod is designed to protect the integrity of your suburban water tank by prolonging the life the inside.

Though this anode is consumable it is an essential component for the longevity of your suburban Water Heater.


When water tanks are subjected to continuous heat and cold or hard water the likely hood of rust deteriorating the inside of the water tanks are greatly increased. To combat this, a sacrificial rod made from magnesium has been designed to attract rust from inside the water tank and maintain the integrity of your suburban water tank. This rod is intended to be effective until it is up to 75% corrosed, ensuring safe clean drinking water. To ensure you always have a serviceable anode rod be sure to check the rod after you drain your water tank.




Overall: 238mm

Thread Size: 3/4" NPT

Tip: Checking your anode rod every time you drain your water tank will ensure you maintain a rust-free tank. 

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