Confused about which sized Anti Flap Kit to buy?

With three sizes to choose from it can be confusing. 

Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kits are a fabulous addition to your caravan kit. They provide excellent awning stability in windy conditions and make it easy to attach sunscreens and annex rooms. 

There are many different awnings on the market so it is always best to measure your awning before ordering a kit to be certain of the size you need.

As a simple rule of thumb the following guide applies - but as they say - measure twice, cut once! Make sure your awning is fully extended and the roller bar is set to the three O'clock position when measuring the size required. 

For further instructions read the Aussie Traveller Installation Guide Here

Short Kit  - 2100-2200mm

  • Carefree roll out awnings on pop tops

Medium Kit - 2200-2300mm

  • Dometic Roll out awnings on full vans and pop tops

Large Kit - 2300-2400mm

  • Carefree & Aussie Traveller Sunburst Eclipse awnings on full caravans

The Aussie Traveller Anti Flap Kit comes with everything you need including brackets. Click here to check out the range. 

For more information and to see how easy the kit is to use view the Aussie Traveller video below or the instruction manual attached. 

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