Call Center Data Collection Policy

The purpose of this policy is:

a. To guide the customers on the purpose of recording incoming and outgoing calls to the Customer Contact Centre.

b. To govern the procedures and management of access and use of telephone recordings. c.

To support effective training and delivery of excellent customer service, and d.

To enable Camp Smart Pty Ltd to deal efficiently with internal or external complaints.

Policy summary:

This Policy details Camp Smart Pty Ltd.’s approach to the recording of calls in Camp Smart Pty ltd.’s Contact Centre.

It covers notification to the community and staff; customer requests not to have calls recorded, outlines the reasons that recordings can be accessed, and what measures are in place to ensure records are securely stored to ensure privacy is maintained.


Camp Smart Pty Ltd is committed to providing quality customer service and aims to respond to greater than 80% of enquiries to our Contact Centre at that first point of contact.

Call recording provides the ability to:

a. establish the facts in the event of a complaint either by a customer or a member of staff and so assist in resolving it;

b. help identify officer training needs and to support training new and existing officers; and

c. assist in Camp Smart Pty Ltd’s quality control to identify any issues in Camp Smart Pty Ltd processes, with a view to improving them.

Camp Smart Pty Ltd regularly surveys customer satisfaction and strives for continuous improvement. From time to time Camp Smart Pty Ltd receives feedback about the information customers have provided or the manner in which the information was delivered by Contact Centre staff, which may result in an investigation being undertaken. Often the accounts of the interaction do not align and it is difficult to determine the best way to resolve the matter.

Having access to call recording reduces misunderstanding, improves accuracy and allows the facts of the interaction to be considered.


This Policy covers personnel employed by Camp Smart Pty Ltd; any person or organisation contracted to or acting on behalf of Camp Smart Pty Ltd; and any person or organisation employed to work on Camp Smart Pty Ltd premises or facilities and all activities of the Camp Smart Pty Ltd.

The policy is particularly relevant to any person working in Camp Smart Pty Ltd’s Contact Centre and to customers who call our Contact Centre.

Contact Centre Call Recording Policy


Staff working within the Customer Contact Centre will be notified that incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded when they commence in the position. Existing staff will be notified that call recording is being enabled. 

Notification to customers:

Camp Smart Pty Ltd will advise customers via the IVR that calls to the Contact Centre are recorded in the following manner:

· A message on the phone system that they will hear before they reach an Officer in the Contact Centre stating: “Calls are recorded for quality and training purposes.”

· A notice on Camp Smart Pty Ltd’s website.

· In the case of outgoing calls, the staff member is to advise the customer at the commencement of the call that the call will be recorded.

What calls will be recorded:

All incoming and outgoing phone calls with Camp Smart Pty Ltd’s Customer Contact Centre via 1300 553 189 will be recorded. Except in the following circumstances:

  1. When a customer declines to be recorded:

When a customer requests not to have their call recorded, the Customer Service Officer taking the call will disable the call recording function. Refer to Procedure: Requests For Calls Not To Be Recorded.

Reasons we record:

The reasons for recording and approved reasons why recordings can be accessed include:

· To identify Contact Centre staff training needs;

· To improve Contact Centre staff performance and consistency in the information provided;

· To protect Contact Centre staff from abusive or nuisance calls;

· Establishing the facts in the event of feedback or a complaint made either by a customer or a member of staff to assist in resolving it;

· To assist in quality control to identify any issues with Contact Centre processes, with a view to improving them;

· To confirm that calls have been accurately transcribed into Camp Smart Pty Ltd’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or other corporate databases;

· Evidence for use in crime investigation or prevention purposes;

· To assist in the defence of legal claims.

Storage of recordings:

Recordings constitute the personal data of both the caller and the operator. Therefore they will be managed in such a way that the rights of data subjects (callers and operators) can be fulfilled, and all the obligations of the data controller (Camp Smart Pty Ltd) are observed, as per the Camp Smart Pty Ltd.’s Privacy Management Plan.

The recordings will be stored in Camp Smart Pty Ltd.’s call centre software system for a period of 3 months in line with State Records Act (1998) requirements.

Following a period of 3 months, the audio records are permanently and securely deleted.

Where it is identified that the content of the call may be required for evidence or investigation purposes beyond a period of three months, the call recording file can be extracted and securely stored.

Who has access to the recordings:

Requests for access to recordings by internal staff must be made by way of the form in Appendix 1 of this Policy. Customers/callers have the right to listen to or have copies of recordings made of their own calls, requests for access need to be made via the Camp Smart Pty Ltd.’s Informal GIPA applications process.

Credit Card Payment requests:

Alternate payment channels are available and payments with credit cards via the Contact Centre are discouraged.

In the case where a Customer Service Officer is required to process a payment for Camp Smart Pty Ltd Services via credit card over the phone, the customer is to be advised that the recording will be paused so that credit card details will not be retained in the recording.

Messages received that contain credit card numbers will be processed with automatic redaction to remove credit card details sent by the customer.

Training & Service Improvement

Calls will be selected at random to be reviewed by the Customer Service management team. The reviewer will maintain a record of the date and time of the calls.

Reviewing calls for investigation or legal claim purposes:

Where call recordings need to be reviewed to assist with investigations or legal claims, approval to access the files is to be sought from the Call Centre Manager Engagement. The request to access customer contact call recording is to be completed and forwarded to the authorised officer for consideration.

The recordings are to be replayed in an enclosed area.

Compliance, monitoring and review

Suspected breaches or misuse of this policy are to be reported to the Chief Executive Officer. Alleged breaches of this policy shall be dealt with by the processes outlined for breaches of the Code of Conduct, as detailed in the Code of Conduct. Staff must maintain all records relevant to administering this policy in a recognised Camp Smart Pty Ltd recordkeeping system.

This policy will be reviewed every two years or when significant changes to the call recording system take place.


In this policy:

a. Camp Smart Pty Ltd means the Company Camp Smart Pty Ltd and its staff, contractors and engaged representatives.

b. Monitoring means listening to and/or recording communications.

c. Campsmart means Camp Smart Pty Ltd.

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