How to know which type of Caravan or Camper Trailer you have?

If you're new to the Camping and Caravanning world, all these different modes of transportable homes and gadgets and gizmos that go with them can appear quite overwhelming.

So we've created a quick and easy guide that will help you identify the type of caravan or camper trailer you have, the key features of your vehicle, and the most common items you can purchase from us that will go perfectly with your transportable home.



  • Full body type size
  • Solid walls all the way to the roof
  • Heavier and larger to tow
  • Awning is a Roll-Out or Box
  • Overhead cabinets are quite high
  • Includes a kitchen and bathroom

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  • A whole unit - a van and home in one!
  • Motorhomes have a coach-built body
  • Campervans have a fit out
  • Includes more luxurious interiors
  • Can be a converted bus or van
  • Includes a kitchen but may not include a bathroom as campervans are primarily space-saving vehicles

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  • Hard walls at waist height
  • Canvas walls when raised
  • Hard roof that can be raised or lowered
  • Expanders involve single or double pop-out ends
  • Off-Roads have stronger framework
  • Awning usually a Roll Out
  • Less wind resistance when being towed

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  • Can be soft floor, hard floor or hybrid
  • Complete canvas wall
  • Looks like a trailer when packed down
  • Awning usually bagged or boxed
  • Lightweight and economical

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