Which Privacy Screens End Walls should I buy for my Pop Top Caravan?

Author: Chris  


Privacy End Walls are a great addition to our camping setup, giving us privacy, and most importantly protection from the elements.  Pop Top owners sometimes get tricked into thinking they have limited options when it comes to end walls, so we thought we would give you the answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Can I only get a square cut?

No.  As long as you have an anti-flap kit for the side of your awning, you have opened up the opportunity to get an angled cut.  The sail track on the AFK, allows you to slide the end walls on, giving you that extra bit of protection from the elements you lose with a square cut.

Should you need to add an Anti-Flap Kit to your awning, you can visit our range through the below link:

Anti Flap Kit

Why is there so little choice in the square-cut range?

There are plenty of choices.  The Square cut versions now come in XD (1.95 Drop), 1.8 drops, and waterproof options. 

Is there a left and right end?

No.  Nobody makes a left and right version.  One end wall fits both sides, so if you want both ends covered simply buy two of the same.

Do I need to measure the extension of my awning?

Yes.  Some of the end walls are 2.1m wide, whereas the XD the range is 2.2m which can be too wide for some pop tops.  We stock both so still not a problem.

As always if you want to discuss this further please do not hesitate to drop us an email, or give us a call