Warranty - Waterproof Screens and Bed Flys

While we stand by the durability of all our products and they are made from high-quality materials, it is important that they are used correctly in various outdoor environments and for their intended purpose.

It is important to always be aware of the correct way to use your camping gear and the surroundings when setting up.

Always remember that any sharp objects, extreme weather, and misuse have the potential to cause damage, and unfortunately this is not something covered under warranty. If you take care of your waterproof gear, it will look after you. 

The warranty covers the original owner only and is not transferrable. This means if you purchase a second-hand Campsmart product, the original warranty will not be inherited.

How long is the warranty for the Campsmart Waterproof products?

We offer a 12-month warranty for Campsmart Waterproof products in accordance with Australian Consumer Law which covers defective materials and manufacturing.

We do not offer an extended warranty.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

  1. Read the exclusions below to determine if you can submit a warranty claim
  2. Send pictures and a full description of the issue you are having to admin@campsmart.net.au – the team will be in contact once received

What do I need to do if I have a warranty claim?

When you submit a warranty claim, you are required to include pictures of the damage or fault so we can assess the damage incurred and assess what will be the best solution. We may also ask you to return the product at your cost for warranty inspection.

Repair or replacement?

In some cases, there’s the opportunity to repair the product (meaning it won’t end up in a landfill) and on other occasions, we might have to make a full replacement. We will review the item and assess the requirement for a repair or replacement if the item is deemed warrantable.

When we can repair the product and have it functioning as it should, we will always offer this solution as a priority.

We reserve the right to assess whether a repair or replacement is applicable.

Can I use a bed fly conversion kit?

No, bed fly conversion kits are not recommended for use with this product. Damage caused by the use of a bed fly conversion kit will not be warrantable.

What is not covered under warranty?

The reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Damage by misuse or abuse
  • General wear and tear
  • Condensation or damage caused by mould
  • Unauthorised repairs
  • Loss, theft or misplacement
  • Not following product instructions correctly
  • Incorrect setup
  • Damage caused by insects, animals or children
  • Broken poles that are not a result of failed workmanship
  • Damage caused by jammed or snagged zippers or damage caused by excessive force used on zippers
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage caused by excessive heat (including incorrect storage, extended use in the sun and set up too close to campfires)
  • Damaged caused by use in adverse weather conditions (e.g. where the BOM has issued a weather warning)
  • Damage caused by modification by the customer
  • Damage caused by over-tightening ropes and poles
  • Damage caused by using a Bed Fly Conversion Kit 


Products are for short-term recreational use - Commercial use, permanent use, residential use, and long-term use for extended periods and use in domestic applications are all excluded. 

Camp Smart Pty Ltd reserves the right to repair, replace or provide credit/refund for warrantable items. Any credit or refund will exclude the cost of postage paid.