Fiamma F45 Awning Installation Guide

The Fiamma F45 is one of the most popular Box Style awnings in the RV market.

The Italian-designed awning is popular for its compact nature and ease of use. 

It's a very versatile awning that can be used on Jayco Camer trailers, pop tops, caravans, transporters, and minivans alike. It is very quick and easy to roll out. Using the roller handle, it only takes a few minutes to project the awning. This makes them a great choice for solo travellers. 

Installation of the awning is a fairly straightforward job and if you are a confident handyperson you can undertake the job yourself. Each awning has three brackets that need to be mounted in place. The two ends are to be positioned where the arms are fixed to the case, and the final bracket is to be placed in the centre. You can also tell where to install these by the Support markings.

When lifting the awning into position, make sure it is level and straight. If you need to offset an uneven wall surface, use spacers in between the brackets to stabilise and straighten. It is also important that you ensure your interiors will not be affected - double-check this with your vehicle dealer to make sure you're not drilling into any piping, etc. 

Provide some additional support to your awning by extending the projection and pulling out the awning legs. Pop the legs into the wall brackets or extend them out onto the ground - you'll want to use the hold-down kit to anchor them into place. 

Click this link to view the installation PDF 


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