Choosing Between Anti Flap Kits for Your Fiamma

Benefits of a Fiamma Awning


The Fiamma F45s is an extremely popular and versatile box style awning. Made for Fiamma Italy it is compact and easy to set up and use.

The quick easy set-up makes it popular for use on a range of RVs including motorhomes, caravans, camper trailers and transit vans. A single person can roll out the Fiamma F45s awning in a matter of minutes. This makes it easy for solo campers to use and families with young children as only one person needs to be involved in the set-up or pack up. 

The unique compact design involves the use of scissor-style arms that concertina out from the side of the van to support the awning. While this is great for easy use and quick set up there are a few disadvantages. The Fiamma can be less stable in winds and without side support arms there is no way to hang privacy screens on the sides. These are the main reasons people purchase an Anti Flap Kit for their Fiamma F45s Awning. 


What is an Anti Flap Kit? 

An anti flap kit does exactly what the same suggests.

It provides the awning stability and helps prevent the vinyl from flapping in the wind (it is anti flap). Typically all anti flap kits will use similar systems to create awning stability. They have metal bars that clamp down and brace the material on the side of the awning. 


Why would you use an anti flap kit? 

Most people would use one to create awning support.

The bars bracing the side of the awning make it stronger, stop the annoying flapping noise that can come from vinyl flapping in the wind at night and also allow the use of caravan privacy screens. 

The ability to attach privacy screens is perhaps one of the deciding factors in purchasing an anti flap kit for most people. 


Why would I want to use a privacy screen? 

Privacy screens are one of the most popular accessories for caravan and camper trailer travellers. By attaching a privacy screen to your awning you can block out the sun/weather/nosy neighbours and extend your living area. 

Pegging down a privacy screen from an anti flap kit can also further brace and protect your awning. 

A side privacy screen is extremely useful for weather protection as it can protect the entrance to your van from rain/wind and sun and give you a sheltered peaceful spot to relax. 

Caravan end wall privacy screens have Kedar rope sewn into the top of them to make them easy to slide into the sail track on the anti flap kit. Much quicker than setting up an annexe room a caravan privacy screen can be put up in a matter of minutes. 


What options are there? 

There is a range of different anti flap kit options.

At campsmart, we stock three main brands to fit the Fiamma F45S.

Aussie Traveller, Campsmart and Fiamma 

1. Campsmart AFK for Fiamma 

2. Aussie Traveller AFK with Adapter 

3. Fiamma Fast Clip System 

They each have different benefits that are summarised in the table below: 


Key considerations before purchasing your AFK 

The anti flap kits we sell will only fit the Fiamma F45S range of awnings. We are aware that there are many new international brands of box awnings coming into Australia at the moment but our AFK range has not been tested on the aftermarket brands and we can not guarantee they can be fitted to these. 

All campsmart AKFs have a minimum extension range of 2.5m - This means your awning must be able to extend a minimum of 2.5m from your van to fit an anti flap kit. If your vinyl on your awning is shorter than this for some reason these products will not fit your awning. 

All campsmart AFKS are designed to fit awnings that are longer than 2.6m if you have a small Fiamma awning such as a 2.6m model these AFKs will not fit your awning. 

The Fiamma F45S has been around for many many years. It is possible if you have an old awning that the AFK may not fit. Older awnings can have variations that have not been assessed and may have had parts or vinyl replacements. 


Video of a Campsmart Anti Flap Kit being used: