Warranty Information General - All Products


We are proud of our products and expect they will give you joy for many years.


As with all camping gear, however, they need to be used correctly to maximize their use and longevity.

Our products are designed for recreational camping and are not suitable for residential or commercial applications. 


We understand that submitting a warranty can be frustrating.

We aim to assist our customers as swiftly as possible.

Please refer to the following information to assist you in understanding the warranty process. 

1. All warranties must be assessed before being processed - we do not offer on-the-spot refunds. 

2. You may have to wait for an item to be inspected by the warranty team. This is unavoidable. This is part of our standard operating processes. 

3. You must provide information for your claim to be assessed. This includes photos that are clear, in focus, from a range of distances and angles. We also require a full description of how the damage occurred. Your claim can not be assessed if you do not provide this information 

4. The warranty team may request the item back for assessment - you may be required to pay the shipping for this. 

5. If you have moved addresses you will need to advise the warranty team at the time you submit the warranty claim. We have no way of knowing if you have moved house without advice from you. 

6. Warranty items must be returned within the Claims period. Failure to return warranty items in a reasonable timeframe voids the warranty claim. 


Read the pages below to read the warranty conditions for specific products. 

If you need to submit a warranty claim please visit our Customer Support page to submit your warranty claim.  Warranty claims can not be processed over the phone.