Awning Parts & Accessories

Caravan Awning Rope Clips Tie Down Kit
44% OFF RRP $44.95
Caravan Awning Rope Clips

Caravan Awning Rope Clips


40% OFF RRP $24.95
Anti Flap Kit for Fiamma F45S Awnings
Sale 20% OFF RRP $349.00
Anti Flap Kit & Rafter Storage Bag (6 Pocket)
13% OFF RRP $79.95
Curved Center Rafter for Fiamma F45 Awning
15% OFF RRP $99.95
Awning Track Hanger 'S' Hooks (6 Pack)
30% OFF RRP $9.95
Tightening Knob & T-Nut for Awning Rafter or AFK
10% OFF RRP $5.50
Supex Rafter & AFK Mounting Bracket (Black)
18% OFF RRP $5.50
Extreme Caravan Awning Deflappers
9% OFF RRP $54.95
Anti Flap Kit for Roll Out Awnings (2.25m-2.40m)
Sale 23% OFF RRP $299.00
Supex Slight Curved Awning Rafter - Black
27% OFF RRP $63.95
Supex Slight Curved Caravan Awning Rafter
30% OFF RRP $63.95
Campsmart XL Caravan De-Flapper Kit (2 Pack)
24% OFF RRP $49.95
Pole Carrier (220cm x 15cm)

Pole Carrier (220cm x 15cm)


17% OFF RRP $119.95
Pole Carrier (200cm x 15cm)

Pole Carrier (200cm x 15cm)


17% OFF RRP $114.95
Pop top Support Pole (60cm Extension)
13% OFF RRP $14.95
Anti Flap Kit & 2 Curved Rafters Pack (Black)
26% OFF RRP $429.00
Explore Awning Track Hanger Clips / Hooks (10 Pack)
30% OFF RRP $9.95
Supex 563VA Acute Curved Caravan Awning Rafter
30% OFF RRP $63.95
Caravan Pole Carrier (200cm x 15cm)

Caravan Pole Carrier (200cm x 15cm)

Now $74.95

Sale 17% OFF RRP $89.95
Pole Carrier Brackets for 150mm Tube
7% OFF RRP $29.95

Awning Parts & Accessories

Caravan Awnings 

As life-long campers and caravanners, we know that caravan owners are also outdoor enthusiasts—and
there’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors while you are off caravanning than with an awning.
Adding an awning to your caravan expands your living space, provides shade on those hot, sunny days,
and offers protection from poor weather. Imagine enjoying your meal outdoors or reading a book, even
when it’s raining.

We carry over a dozen brands of caravan awning brands, including names you know and trust such as
Fiamma, Jayco, Thule, Aussie Traveller, and our very own Campsmart awnings.
Sizes available range from 8 to 20 feet and are available in many different patterns and styles. Not sure
which type of awning you need? Here are the different types to help get you started:

Roll Out Awnings
Roll out caravan awnings are the most popular type of camper awnings in Australia and can be used for
caravans, pop tops, motorhomes, and even buses. One of the brands we carry, Aussie Traveller, is made
to order, so you get the right fit for your rig.

Caravan Annex

A caravan annex is what you really need when you are looking to expand your living space. We carry a
range of design styles to allow you to find the perfect fit.

Box Awnings
Box campervan awnings are designed to be easy to use, simple to install, provide UV resistant fabric, are
waterproof, and washable.

Bag Awnings
There are also bag awnings that are designed just for Jayco caravans but can also work with similar

Bed End Flys
With bed end flys, you can add protection from extreme weather – keeping the rain out, adding
insulation from the heat and UV rays, and giving you added privacy.

Awning Parts and Accessories
We have over 125 accessories for you to choose from to ensure your awning is always functioning at its
At Campsmart, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the largest selection of caravan and
campervan awnings for sale in Australia. You’re sure to find just what you need in our inventory!