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Winegard Antenna – Australia’s leading TV Antenna

Campsmart has premium Winegard antenna options for your vehicle. The Winegard TV Antenna Sensar HV is an innovative design fitted to your caravan's roof. It receives cross-directional digital signals for the very best reception, and its clever design allows you to raise it when you need it and lower it when you’re on the road. Whether you need a complete Winegard antenna kit or are just replacing your old one with a Winegard Retrofit kit, our team can help you find the right Winegard TV antenna for you.

What’s the difference between a Retrofit kit and a standard Winegard tv antenna?

The Winegard retrofit kit is just the head and mast only. We sell these parts separately if you want to upgrade your old TV Antenna for better reception. If you don’t already have a Winegard TV antenna, you’ll need to purchase the complete kit here.

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