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Keeping you powered on your next trip

The joy of camping involves being able to get off the beaten track. A caravan generator can supply the power you need for all your essential electronic devices. 

We have sourced a great range of caravan generators. Our range includes generators that are portable and lightweight and quiet. They also make a great back up for your home power supply. We only include the best camping and caravan generators in our range so you can be guaranteed of a reliable power source when you are out on the road.  

The best generator for your caravan – our top tips

When choosing the best generator for your caravan, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll need to find one with the proper wattage capability so that it can run everything you need it to. This will include your appliances and air conditioning units. It’ll also need to be efficient to run, portable and ideally quiet so that you’re not disturbing your camping neighbours on their holiday. Inverter caravan generators are our top choice for camping as they’re portable and easy to use. Our premium range of Westinghouse Digital Inverter Caravan Generators come in various wattage capabilities and are fuel-efficient. Much quieter than other generators, so you’ll be able to use them at any time of day.

Which generator size is best for caravan use?

The size of your generator will depend on what you’re powering up. It’s best to look at all of your electrical appliances to confirm you have the correct wattage limits before you travel. Our caravan generators come in several different options:

Westinghouse Digital Inverter Generator - iGen1200: Compact and lightweight, this 1200 watt generator is great for smaller items with up to 15 hours of running time.

Westinghouse Digital Inverter Generator - iGen2200: Another lightweight option, able to handle up to 2200 watts and can run for up to 17 hours on one tank of fuel.

Westinghouse Digital Inverter Generator - 2400i: A powerful 2400 watts, you’ll be able to run more of your electrical appliances at once, including bigger items like air conditioners. Running up to 24hrs, this caravan generator is still compact and easy to use.

Westinghouse Digital Inverter Generator - iGen4500: The ultimate option for portable power and convenience. Our 4500-watt generator is one of the best caravan generators for sale. Running for up to 24 hours on one tank, this generator will allow you to safely power multiple appliances and electrical items at once.

Caravan generators while you’re home and away

Your camping generators aren’t just for holidays. They’re also a handy backup option to have at home. Many of our customers enjoy the convenience of having a reserve power supply that’s easily accessible. Stay connected and prepare for power outages with our extensive range of camping generators.

View the entire caravan electrical range here or contact us on 1300 553 189 to find out more.