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Enjoy flexibility with our caravan TV mount and brackets

Caravans can be compact spaces, so if you’ve only got one caravan TV, you’ll want to make sure it’s accessible from every spot. Our caravan TV mounting brackets will allow you to connect your TV and swivel it around, depending on where you need it.

Caravan TV Brackets Australia wide

Our TV brackets for caravans are made by Sphere, one of our premium TV brands. They are backed by an Australian 12-month warranty, so you have peace of mind on your purchase. Our caravan TV mounting brackets are currently the preferred brackets by many suppliers, including Jayco caravans.

Single Arm Caravan TV brackets

Our single arm caravan TV brackets are great for larger TV’s, holding up to 15kg. The flexible bracket extends up to 282mm giving you a tidy solution that rotates 360 degrees.

Double Arm Caravan TV brackets

Double TV mounting brackets are excellent for a mid-length extension, stretching out to 430mm and still holding up to 15kg. The sleek form of these caravan TV brackets gives you a minimalist design, not adding any bulky framework to your space.

Triple Arm Caravan TV brackets

Our longest Caravan TV bracket is our triple arm TV bracket. Designed for lighter TV’s, the triple arm TV bracket can take up to 9.5kg and extends out by 570mm. This mounting bracket features three swing arms, allowing it to be moved in any direction with ease. 

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