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Caravan Levelling Ramps and Chocks 

When setting up camp, in an ideal world everything would be flat.  An uneven surface can cause all kinds of problems when camping, and can simply be resolved with the addition of some caravan stabilisers such as levelling ramps and chocks. This simple addition will help you sleep better, allow your plumbing and fridge to work better, and most importantly be essential for your safety.

Why am I using a levelling ramp?

Whether you are off-grid, or on a campsite, the ground is very rarely level.  Without levelling out the vehicle, your bed is going to be at an angle, and your sullage, shower and sink are not going to drain well.  You will also find gas fridges are far more efficient on a nice flat surface.

Why am I using chocks?

The chock is essential for ensuring your safety.  These will prevent unintentional moving and potentially rolling down a hill! Bricks, books, and rocks are not designed to fit the shape of a tyre!

What caravan levelling ramps do I need?

If you have a dual axle van you will need dual-axle levelling ramps. These are smaller than single axles due to them having to fit between the two wheels on a tandem axle vehicle.

If you have a single-axel camper trailer or caravan, you can use either a two-stage or three-stage single-axel ramp.

Should I buy a set of chocks and levelling ramps?

Absolutely yes a kit and carry-back will help keep your kit all together and you can pack away dusty or muddy ramps without messing up your caravan

How many ramps do I need?

You can purchase single caravan levelling ramps but it is always a good idea to have two to give you versatility in setting up no matter where you are.

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