Caravan Plumbing

Porta-Pak Express - Blue (15 Sachets)
8% OFF RRP $25.50
Shurflo 4009 12v Pump - Fittings & Filter Kit
20% OFF RRP $199.95
Thetford Cassette Holding Tank for C250/260 Toilet
19% OFF RRP $365.00
Camec Water Tank Barb Outlet Drilled
2% OFF RRP $4.05
Thetford Aqua Kem Lavender Concentrate (780ml)
21% OFF RRP $27.95
10m Drinking Water Hose with ABS Fittings
18% OFF RRP $39.95
10m Drinking Water Hose with Brass Fittings
14% OFF RRP $49.95
10m Drinking Water Hose with Fittings & Bag
26% OFF RRP $57.95
20m Drinking Water Hose

20m Drinking Water Hose


15% OFF RRP $54.95
43L Modular Water Tank

43L Modular Water Tank


21% OFF RRP $69.95
6m 25mm Flat Out Sullage Waste Grey Water Hose & Reel
16% OFF RRP $129.00
9m 25mm Flat Out Sullage Waste Grey Water Hose & Reel
10% OFF RRP $155.00
BEST Inline Water Filter

BEST Inline Water Filter


7% OFF RRP $139.00
Camec 59L Water Tank with Brackets Included
16% OFF RRP $140.95
Camec 82L Water Tank with Brackets Included
22% OFF RRP $179.00
Explore Nano Silver Water Filter
30% OFF RRP $39.95
Fiamma 70L Water Tank

Fiamma 70L Water Tank


15% OFF RRP $199.00
Flat Out 10 m Drinking Water Hose on Reel
8% OFF RRP $265.00
Roto 70L Tank - No Barbs

Roto 70L Tank - No Barbs


20% OFF RRP $127.00
Roto 70L Tank - No Barbs with Brackets
17% OFF RRP $175.00
Shurflo 4009 Replacement Upper Assembly
16% OFF RRP $94.95
Shurflo City Mains Inlet with Pressure Regulator
35% OFF RRP $84.20
Suburban SW6DERA Hot Water System Heater Gas Electric (White Door)
Sale 19% OFF RRP $1,099.00

Caravan Plumbing

Plumbing fittings, caravan shower accessories and more

Getting your caravan plumbing right is one of the most important things to take care of. No one wants to have leaky plumbing fittings or a faulty caravan shower. It’s important to check these things before you travel so that you aren’t faced with any surprises along the way. We stock a range of plumbing connectors and caravan water tank fittings to make sure your next journey is hassle-free!

Caravan Plumbing Online

At Campsmart we have all your plumbing fittings with an extensive online range and easy delivery straight to your door. From plumbing connectors to caravan sullage hose fittings, our team can help guide you through the process and find the right caravan plumbing products for your vehicle. If you need an installation specialist, we can help advise which repairers would be closest to you.

Plumbing for a caravan grey water tank – we have you covered

It’s important to get the right plumbing connectors and fittings to ensure a safe amount of water flow for your vehicle. Our range of caravan plumbing will keep your showers hot and your toilets flushing.

Take a look at our caravan shower options. View our range online or contact us on 1300 553 189 to find out more.