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Caravan Covers from Adco

Adco, a leading name in the RV cover industry since 1955 and one of the largest in the US, now brings its expertise to Australia. Their covers are engineered specifically to withstand the challenging Australian environment. The ADCO exclusive Dupont Tyvek® RV top panel offers unmatched protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, ensuring your caravan stays in pristine condition, even during extended periods of exposure.

Designed for Durability and Convenience

Adco caravan covers not only offer superior protection but are also designed for user convenience. The high-performance polypropylene sides allow for maximum breathability, virtually eliminating concerns about mould and mildew—essential in both humid and dusty climates. Strap and buckle attachments provide a snug fit, preventing billowing in windy conditions and maintaining a custom appearance. Every detail, including reinforced, elasticized corners, is crafted to resist tears and snags.

Easy Storage and Accessibility

Understanding the needs of caravan owners, Adco covers include a storage bag for easy stowing when not in use. This thoughtful addition ensures that your cover is neatly packed away, and ready for the next use without taking up unnecessary space. Whether you’re storing your caravan for the off-season or protecting it between trips, Adco covers make the process straightforward and efficient.

Shop with Confidence

Buy with confidence from Campsmart, knowing that every Adco cover is supported by a robust 3-year warranty. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive only the best products and accessories. Browse our selection of Adco caravan covers today and find the perfect protection solution for your RV.